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hi i'm douglas. i'm from southern california, and right now i'm a freshman at vanderbilt.

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Title: FKA x inc.
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FKA x inc.

the time 100 is out! and laverne cox isn’t in it! but hey, benedict cumberbatch and john green made it, somehow! i hate everything

you know i am so fucking tired of seeing self-congratulatory articles like these extolling disney for being secretly progressive

it’s the same exact thing as making tumblr posts about the gay couple supposedly hidden in frozen, except these thinkpieces take way too long to read and way too much of people’s time

and it all just reeks of complacency

Title: Again The Addiction
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Actress - “Again the Addiction”


A little late, but happy earth day! Have some rainy birds. 


"frozen was actually super progressive because-"


cultural appropriation. they love everything about us but us.
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tumblr more like tomb-lr because I will be on this stupid website in my grave


andre 3000s voice is more important than any of us

When you’re 45th in civil liberties, 19th in economic freedom, and #1 in prisoners per capita, I think it’s officially time to stop bragging about being the “freest country on earth”–and maybe time to start thinking about how to rebuild that image.

Daniel Bier, "Is the US “The Freest Country In the World”? – By the Numbers" (via blamethe1st)

People need to stop acting like criticism against the US is the same thing as insulting their family. People are so, “RAH RAH RAH USA IS NUMBER ONE” that they can’t actually see what’s happening.

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Blind love is incomplete love. True patriotic love would be more. You’d want to be the best and stay the best and be able to brag about your country and have people across the world respect that.

The US doesn’t have that and it’s specifically because of this blind love. 

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